Heart to Heart is a grassroots movement of Jewish college students sharing Jewish life with their peers. Based on the values of loving all Jews and caring for others, we're changing the face of Jewish communal life: connecting Jews to meaningful Jewish life, vibrant communities, and to each other -  all through peer-based relationships, intimate Jewish experiences and innovative community building. Already active on over 30 campuses, we strive to serve all Jewish students by supporting, inspiring, and sharing with each other.

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Shabbat Dinners

Want to host a H2H Shabbat dinner (/lunch/seudah shlishit)? Contact us to let us know, become a pre-approved host, or if you have questions. You can also: Check out the 5-step overview and find everything you need to know on the the H2H Wiki Use this googledoc to help you plan the meal Use this follow-up form if you want to […]

Dickinson guys

Intercollegiate Shabbatons

[If you're looking for our student leadership/training Shabbatons, check here] In keeping with our goal of connecting Jewish students and communities on various college campuses, Heart to Heart helps facilitate weekend-retreats (Shabbatons) between different colleges, focusing on campuses with small Jewish communities looking for venues to enhance their Jewish life. The purpose is to foster […]

Other Opportunities

Here are some opportunities for passionate Jewish college students and young adults: Learning Drisha’s Collegiate Summer Kollels – June (men and women) and July (only women); Kollel participants receive a full tuition waiver and a living stipend of $1000. For more information on June or July at Drisha, visit drisha.org/collegiateprograms.php or email drishasummerprograms@gmail.com. Nishmat’s learning program for college and post-college women […]