A Heart to Heart With One of the H2H Interns

A Heart to Heart With One of the H2H Interns
by Dov Winston

Atara Lakritz, puts the Heart in Heart to Heart. One of H2H’s inspiring interns this summer, Atara always walks around with a smile on her face and an apparent glow in her heart. Hailing from the great state of Michigan she is going into her Senior year in the University of Michigan. She has many passions in life, two big ones are the Jewish people and public health. As a young Jewish woman, with years ahead of her, she aspires to be someone who will change the world. But, who doesn’t want to change the world?! What makes Atara special is that she wants to share the beauties and greater meaning in life with everyone that she comes in contact with.

One of the things that connected Atara with H2H is her belief that no Jew should go through college and not have a Jewish experience. The whole concept of labels, says Atara, is something we get too caught up with. It’s time we start looking past the labels and looking at what matters, the essence of each Jewish person. The soul within the body.

On a lighter note, Atara is a really cool person. She loves fish, not the food, although she doesn’t mind that either, rather, she loves them as pets. Or at least she used to, but now she considers herself more of a dog person. In her spare time she can be seen laying in a bed of lily’s or talking to dogs. She also loves the color purple and if she could choose to be any animal, she would be a jaguar. Because, who wouldn’t want to be able to run that fast!

Atara, loves working for H2H because not only does it give her personal satisfaction but she knows that being here, isn’t just any kind of desk job. Working here, can and will make a direct difference in the lives of her friends in colleges all across the world. Although Atara has only a few weeks left, she will always remain a valued member of the H2H team.

Hart and the gang can’t thank her enough for all of the tireless work that she has put in, in the past month. Atara’s greatest dream in life is to use her education to help the world, and we at H2H know that she is on the way to doing that!

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