Heart to Heart in the Kiruv World

In the spirit of תשעה באב, here’s a video from Project Inspire which I think you might find interesting, and perhaps even inspiring… (full disclosure: I’m featured in it!) (full video here) For the record (and I should probably write a whole separate post about this), I don’t like to call it “kiruv”, but rather […]

Heart to Heart in da Chareidi newz!

Check out this article from Hamodia (you can start reading from “The Ripple Effect”) For what it’s worth, they never interviewed me for this article, not did they ask me if they could quote things in my name, nor did they even tell me that they wrote about me (my parents found out when someone […]

Heart to Heart in da newz!

[Hmm, everyone seems to be coming here. If you’re looking for the main page, try www.theheart2heartproject.org/blog]   NCSY Alumni Newsletter – Alumni Spotlight on Hart Levine “Hart Levine is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania and has started the most exciting student initiative on campus I’ve seen in a long time. If you are […]