The most meaningful and important Jewish experience of my college career

Guest author: Aaron Wilson, UPenn ’15   Last year I had what was, without question, the most meaningful and important Jewish experience of my college career. At Penn there are literally thousands of Jews who identify as such and have some background but are not involved in the Jewish community. At the beginning of March […]

A Heart to Heart With One of the H2H Interns

A Heart to Heart With One of the H2H Interns by Dov Winston Atara Lakritz, puts the Heart in Heart to Heart. One of H2H’s inspiring interns this summer, Atara always walks around with a smile on her face and an apparent glow in her heart. Hailing from the great state of Michigan she is […]

H2H Welcomes New Hillel CEO Fingerhut

Heart to Heart Welcomes New Hillel CEO Fingerhut In true Heart to Heart-style, we welcome former U.S. congressman and state senator Eric Fingerhut on his appointment as president and CEO of Hillel International and extend best wishes to outgoing president Wayne Firestone. We enjoyed a positive working relationship with Wayne Firestone, who saw our work and vision […]

The Art of Inviting

A lot of people give me a hard time about doing Heart to Heart – “I don’t feel right forcing/tricking people to be Jewish”, “kiruv makes me really uncomfortable”, “I don’t like asking people to do things” “This is the rabbi’s job”, etc. I never really understood them, because I never felt that any of […]

The Sixth Day

When we recite Kiddush on Shabbat evening, we recall the story of the original Shabbat – how God rested on and blessed the seventh day to make it holy. But in a seemingly odd manner, we begin the story with two unconnected words “יום הששי” “the sixth day”. These words are in fact the final […]

Good news for the new year

Dear friends, fans, and followers, I have good news to share with you: 2 years ago, a survey of uninvolved Jewish college students on 10 campuses found that the #1 reason why they weren’t involved was because “the ‘very Jewish’ students on campus make [them] feel uncomfortable”. #2 was because they weren’t friends with students who were Jewishly […]

H2H and Israel

While at Penn, I was also in charge of a pro-Israel student activism group – we were grassroots, outside of the establishment, connecting people and spreading some truth. While similar in some ways to H2H, it wasn’t connected – although there were some instances where they seemed very much intertwined… Amidst all the campus brouhaha […]

The Smell of Inspiration

I was waiting for the subway coming down from Columbia down to my house. I had just finished some rockin’ meetings, people were really excited about H2H and inspired how we were gonna transform the Jewish community, and change the world! When the subway arrived, I followed some people onto the car, absorbed in some […]

The Organizational and Personal Sides of H2H

Firstly I must apologize – a lot’s been going on and I’ve fallen behind on sharing it. I’ll try and commit to being better at it, it’s not that I don’t want to include you all in what’s happening, sometimes I just get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. One question that’s been […]