Heart to Heart in da Chareidi newz!

Check out this article from Hamodia (you can start reading from “The Ripple Effect”)

For what it’s worth, they never interviewed me for this article, not did they ask me if they could quote things in my name, nor did they even tell me that they wrote about me (my parents found out when someone from our shul said “Did you know there’s an article about your son in Hamodia?”, to which they responded “What’s Hamodia?”). They got most of their quotes from things I had filled out in forms on Project Shabbat’s website (which is started by Rabbi Lebow), things I never expected were actually going to be shared, let alone published. Given all that, I really have no complaints and I’m glad they wrote about this, and I’m glad I made it into Hamodia! Hopefully people will read this and be inspired in their own way – although I doubt too many secular college kids read Hamodia 🙂

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