H2H and Israel

While at Penn, I was also in charge of a pro-Israel student activism group – we were grassroots, outside of the establishment, connecting people and spreading some truth. While similar in some ways to H2H, it wasn’t connected – although there were some instances where they seemed very much intertwined… Amidst all the campus brouhaha […]

The Smell of Inspiration

I was waiting for the subway coming down from Columbia down to my house. I had just finished some rockin’ meetings, people were really excited about H2H and inspired how we were gonna transform the Jewish community, and change the world! When the subway arrived, I followed some people onto the car, absorbed in some […]

The Organizational and Personal Sides of H2H

Firstly I must apologize – a lot’s been going on and I’ve fallen behind on sharing it. I’ll try and commit to being better at it, it’s not that I don’t want to include you all in what’s happening, sometimes I just get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. One question that’s been […]

The Craziest Week Ever for H2H

I just want to quickly share what Heart to Heart is planning for this coming week: 40 H2H Shabbat dinners, across 10 different campuses and Chanukah candle-lighting stations in dorms and Chanukah caroling all across campus at: Penn, Maryland, NYU, Brandeis, and Columbia Yea, this is gonna be nuts. As in amazing. As in, over […]

The Power of “Shabbat Shalom”

Guest post! (written by an anonymous dear friend of mine) My invitations to Jewish functions are usually very direct.I’ll invite a friend to join me on Friday night for Shabbat dinner or come with me to hear a speaker.And sometimes, even when I can’t make it to something, I’ll send them an invite anyways and […]

Being a Part of the Performance

I’m currently in St. Louis, at a big Hillel conference, networking and making my pitch about Heart to Heart. Ton of fun. I recently recieved an email from a friend which I think has such an unbelievably powerful message. This friend is the member of a Jazz band and performs at some local bars from […]

Pesach@Penn 2010 – part 3, The Rest of the Chag

I ended up staying in school for the whole chag – I had seen my parents the week before, my siblings were coming to visit me for Shabbat, and it would my last chag at Penn as a student – how could I leave!! People asked me “Hart, are you really staying at Penn for […]

Pesach@Penn 2010 – Part 2

Besides for the Seders, one of the best aspects of Passover is the eating “kosher for Passover”. “What?!”, you’re probably asking me, “Isn’t that the most annoying part?” Well, what I love most is how everyone does it – Jews who don’t keep kosher or rarely identify as Jewish will be adamant about keeping “kosher […]

Heart to Heart in the Kiruv World

In the spirit of תשעה באב, here’s a video from Project Inspire which I think you might find interesting, and perhaps even inspiring… (full disclosure: I’m featured in it!) (full video here) For the record (and I should probably write a whole separate post about this), I don’t like to call it “kiruv”, but rather […]