Kentucky, part 4 – Forgotten Parts

First off, I can’t believe I forgot to include this (oh right, other then the fact that it’s incredibly embarrassing): When thinking of ways to spread the word and get people to come, and having the illustrious TSR with us, we figured what better technique to utilize than a funny video introducing us!…in a way […]

The Secret

Often, and especially in my recent travels, I am asked the question “What is your secret?” People want to know what secret program I run, or what magical dvar Torah I give, or what the trick is to “making people religious”. And some people tell me they think they have the answer – have a […]

Kentucky, part 3 – the Heart of the Matter

Now for the story of that memorable Shabbat in Lexington, Kentucky. Leaving Dickinson at midnight and behind schedule, we had to make a difficult decision. Calculating the remaining hours of driving and the time before Shabbat, we figured out that we either had time for Keeneland or a good night’s sleep, but not both. On […]

The Rest of the Speaking Tour

For those of you who might’ve feared for the future of Am Yisrael upon hearing that last story, fear not – the rest of the speaking tour was much more inspirational and uplifting. All in all I spoke to students at 17 yeshivot and midrashot/seminaries (with double shifts and make-ups, I think I spoke around […]

Avraham vs. Noach

I am forced to write this due to a shocking experience I went through recently. In the midst of my speaking tour of yeshivot and seminaries/midrashot in Israel, I spoke at one school where the format was more of a panel discussion. The rabbi leading the session started off saying that although normally they bash, […]

Kentucky, part 2 + Dickinson

Once we had our plans and some contacts, we starting actually preparing to go – renting a van, getting food (how does one get a Shabbat’s worth of kosher food in Lexington, KY?), where to sleep, etc. The Hillel adviser told us that the drive would be too long to do all on Friday (assuming […]

A Shabbat Meal to Remember

Here’s a story from a Shabbat meal a few months ago. My roommates and I decided we were gonna make a meal – a “Heart to Heart” meal. So we each thought of some people we could invite and set out to invite them. There was this one girl who I had run into once […]


Oh man – this is a crazy story. Where to start… Well, it started with Amitai, a grad student in physics (he’s really smart) winning some essay contest in Jewish thought sponsored by the Jewish studies department of University of Kentucky. The prize included them bringing him in to give a lecture and receive his […]