Heart to Heart in da Chareidi newz!

Check out this article from Hamodia (you can start reading from “The Ripple Effect”) For what it’s worth, they never interviewed me for this article, not did they ask me if they could quote things in my name, nor did they even tell me that they wrote about me (my parents found out when someone […]

Heart to Heart in da newz!

[Hmm, everyone seems to be coming here. If you’re looking for the main page, try www.theheart2heartproject.org/blog]   NCSY Alumni Newsletter – Alumni Spotlight on Hart Levine “Hart Levine is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania and has started the most exciting student initiative on campus I’ve seen in a long time. If you are […]

The redemption of last year's kiddush story

It was a beautiful Friday night and I was in Hillel, enjoying a wonderful shabbat dinner. I believe this was the night I went over to this pair of people standing alone by the front door and welcomed them in. In turns out they were brother and sister visiting Penn, who were originally from Colombia […]

Last year's kiddush story

Some time last year, when the group was just getting started, we knew that we had to do something. We had to just get something started so we could capitalize on the initial positive energy people were showing and encourage others. So the idea I brought up was to model the Kiddush idea that we […]

Good and Sweet Year

We traditionally wish each other “שנה טובה ומתוקה”, a good, sweet year. So what’s the difference between a good thing and a sweet thing? As we believe that G-d is all good, all that He does and thus all that happens to us is inherently good. However, in our narrowmindedness and due to the lack […]

Four for four, and some more…

Okay, so it’s still not a contest, but I did give a kippah to some guy today who asked me for one. But wait ’til you hear the rest of this story… I was on my way out of Hillel after some post-Shabbat singing when I saw this man walking in my direction. This man […]

Why Can't There Be More People Like Him

Wow. There are some times in life when you meet people who help you understand why we were given life. A few weeks ago I was privileged to spend Shabbat with Rabbi Moshe Lefkowitz, director of an organization called Afikim. You should all go their website to find out more, but in short, it is […]

Three for three!

It isn’t exactly a goal. Nor is it a game. Nor a statistic. It’s really just something I was thinking about when emptying my pockets after Shabbat. For the past three Shabbatot, I made sure to put a couple of kippahs in my pocket before the beginning of Shabbat – you know, just in case. […]