Three for three!

It isn’t exactly a goal. Nor is it a game. Nor a statistic. It’s really just something I was thinking about when emptying my pockets after Shabbat. For the past three Shabbatot, I made sure to put a couple of kippahs in my pocket before the beginning of Shabbat – you know, just in case. And all three weeks, including today, a situation arose where a male Jew asked me if I had an extra kippah, or if I knew where he could get one. Luckily, I did have one and I happily helped these Jews feel more comfortable in a religious setting. They were all pleasantly surprised that I did have an extra kippah in my pocket and it got me thinking – what if I didn’t have one? What if they had asked someone else? Are other people giving out kippahs to other non-religious Jews looking to feel more comfortable or is it just me? Maybe if more people got into conversation with new, non-religious people and met them, these stories would happen to them. And then maybe I wouldn’t be the only one walking around with extra kippahs in my pocket, nor the only one giving them out. By the way, I wasn’t imposing it on anyone or marketing kippahs or other forms of religious coercion – these people came to me. Just pointing that out…

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  1. You mean every Jew should be a resource and connector to every other Jew? What an outlandish and foreign concept that is probably not found EVERYWHERE in our tradition?

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