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A New Model for Chanukah Celebrations on Campus

Of all the Chanukah celebrations on campus happening, there are 2 generic types: one, usually by Hillel, entails a party (usually in Hillel), with games, free food, acapella performances, and a communal candlelighting. The second, usually by Chabad, entails a public lighting of the menorah in the middle of campus, and also has free food and […]

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The Sixth Day

When we recite Kiddush on Shabbat evening, we recall the story of the original Shabbat – how God rested on and blessed the seventh day to make it holy. But in a seemingly odd manner, we begin the story with two unconnected words “יום הששי” “the sixth day”. These words are in fact the final […]

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Good news for the new year

Dear friends, fans, and followers, I have good news to share with you: 2 years ago, a survey of uninvolved Jewish college students on 10 campuses found that the #1 reason why they weren’t involved was because “the ‘very Jewish’ students on campus make [them] feel uncomfortable”. #2 was because they weren’t friends with students who were Jewishly […]

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