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  • This is the only time when everyone is involved in a Jewish ritual!
  • We are also out own audience; what makes this OUR story - turn it into an experience, and a personal experience
  • Don't just have symbols - but eat them, beat them, experience them
  • Get people to ask real questions - so do strange things, and encourage people to ask about things. That's what freedom is!
  • Be interested in others and in their input; open up space for them to share, to learn
    • The text is there to elicit responses
  • What aspects of a college student do you want to utilize? Start from what speaks to others from their life experiences
  • What is the title of our Symposium/Seder?
  • The beginning is the most important - the first 15 minutes is where you sell the deal and set the tone. Show everyone what it will be and what you're expecting of them
    • Start with a mixer, everyone going around saying something - e.g. What is free/enslaved about a character (e.g. clown, professor, Wharton undergrad)
    • Share a family story - have people bring their family, their ancestors, their lives to the table
    • Just as we start by introducing the table of contents to frame the actual Seder, frame the story of Pesach (Slavery --> Freedom)
  • Find allies at the table who can help lead things, get others involved. Empower them! - have them lead a song or a blessing
  • Be confident! It's contagious!
  • Have fun and enjoy it - because if you don't, no one else will
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