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warmth, family, community. traditional shabbat prayer service can and should be accesible to every Jew. Once a Jew understands the underlying philosophy of traditional prayer, is exposed to the inspiring insights of the actual prayers themselves, and has an oppurtunity to encounter traditional prayer study, it proves to be virtually irresistible. Yiddishkeit virtually sells itself and for most Jews it is simply an intuitive experience of "coming home".

  1. How to Start: i.d. the processes and procedures for getting the overall effort off the ground
  2. Overview of the Service: Objectives, Components, Methods
  3. The Setting: room layout
  4. Materials: religious texts, garb, posters, welcome letter
  5. The prayer service: step-by-step guide to conducting the service
  6. supplementary events and programs: events and prograsm which augment the Begginers Service as part of an outreach effort
  7. Reference Info

However comprehensive, no training materials can be a substitute for your own good judgment. Consider your needs and circumstances and improvise! When your new ideas work, add them to the wiki and share them with others.

Avergae American Jew is marginal, not affiiated, not involved in JEwish communal life. Yet study after study confirms that the alienated JEw waits to be embraced by a welcoming Jewish community. Unless Jews of today are nurtured with a strong sense of Jewish identity, many of our fellow Jews will be lost, a situation which we dare not tolerate. The beginners Shabbat service is an effective provedn vehicle to help Jews devlop a strong sense of identity, a love for tradition and in many instances, a acommitment to observance.

Be a leader, a camp counselor, a friend. You are reaching out to expose other JEws to the best f Jewish life and Jewish tradition. You will make it possible for those who so choose to "come home" to positive Jewish identification and to the beauty of the Jewish heritage.

Perseverance. Personalization.

Objectives: involvement - invovled participants, not passionate onlookers. Learning (hebrew, how to daven). Comfort. Community. Exploration. Components: Hebre reading. Service structure. Dvar Torah? Liturgy (songs, melodies). Spontaneous interactions - stop at appropraiote points and say "Go ahead - ask a question" Sample questions: Why - do we pray? in Hebrew? with Minyan? with Mechitza? at certain time? May we compose own prayers? Does Gd hear our prayers? Can prayer change reality? Whats women's role? What is kavanah?


One of the reasons Jewish education has been so succesful is becasue it never shied away from questions - not even questioning Gd Himself! One def. of Jew = "a person who is never satisfied with the status quo and always seeks to improve onself and the world" Over the centuries, Jdsm has proven to be a most effective means of producing ethical and moral people, and has made profound contributions for the betterment of the world in which we live.

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