The Sixth Day

When we recite Kiddush on Shabbat evening, we recall the story of the original Shabbat – how God rested on and blessed the seventh day to make it holy. But in a seemingly odd manner, we begin the story with two unconnected words “יום הששי” “the sixth day”. These words are in fact the final […]

The redemption of last year's kiddush story

It was a beautiful Friday night and I was in Hillel, enjoying a wonderful shabbat dinner. I believe this was the night I went over to this pair of people standing alone by the front door and welcomed them in. In turns out they were brother and sister visiting Penn, who were originally from Colombia […]

Last year's kiddush story

Some time last year, when the group was just getting started, we knew that we had to do something. We had to just get something started so we could capitalize on the initial positive energy people were showing and encourage others. So the idea I brought up was to model the Kiddush idea that we […]