The most meaningful and important Jewish experience of my college career

Guest author: Aaron Wilson, UPenn ’15   Last year I had what was, without question, the most meaningful and important Jewish experience of my college career. At Penn there are literally thousands of Jews who identify as such and have some background but are not involved in the Jewish community. At the beginning of March […]

Pesach@Penn 2010 – part 3, The Rest of the Chag

I ended up staying in school for the whole chag – I had seen my parents the week before, my siblings were coming to visit me for Shabbat, and it would my last chag at Penn as a student – how could I leave!! People asked me “Hart, are you really staying at Penn for […]

Pesach@Penn 2010 – Part 2

Besides for the Seders, one of the best aspects of Passover is the eating “kosher for Passover”. “What?!”, you’re probably asking me, “Isn’t that the most annoying part?” Well, what I love most is how everyone does it – Jews who don’t keep kosher or rarely identify as Jewish will be adamant about keeping “kosher […]

Pesach@Penn 2010 – part 1

Pesach. Ahh, where to start…   After last year’s grand successes, we figured we’d do it again but on a larger scale, maybe even try some advertising. First we got a website, and then came the video 🙂 (huge thanks to Kiderboy, Jordan, Treiger, and everyone else who made it happen) We even made it […]

Pesach – "Let My People Stay" et al.

(parts I, II, III) I just want to sum up some final thoughts on the whole Pesach experience. First I’ll post a survey Hillel put out to ~120 students who came to Hillel for Seders. Most of those polled do not regularly eat at Hillel, and over 80% did not go to other activities (services, […]

Pesach, take 2 – "L’harot Et Atzmo Ke’ili Hu Yatza Mimitzrayim"

After the overwhelming success of the first Seder, how could things get any better? Wait ’til you hear this story… So the second Seder – we planned it a little different based on the number of people expected to attend, which was much smaller than the previous night’s hundreds. Furthermore, for the 14 of us, […]

Pesach – "B’etzem Hayom Hazeh"

Last we saw our team of heroes they were hard at work preparing sessions, delving into the depths of the haggadah, and working on their discussion-leading skills. And then the day was here – the 14th of Nisan. So while the rest of the Jewish community piled out, we dug in and prepared ourselves. We […]

Pesach: "shloshim yom lifenei hachag"

Pesach. What a holiday. It’s got everything – history, theology, family, customs, commandments, emotions – no wonder it’s the most celebrated Jewish event (2001-2002 National Jewish Population Study). What normally happens at Penn is that all 300+ Orthodox and most of the other affiliated students go home (or to friends’ homes). Then, Seder night, hundreds […]