Good and Sweet Year

We traditionally wish each other “שנה טובה ומתוקה”, a good, sweet year. So what’s the difference between a good thing and a sweet thing?

As we believe that G-d is all good, all that He does and thus all that happens to us is inherently good. However, in our narrowmindedness and due to the lack of clarity of this world, we often find it hard to see this. Therefore we wish each other that we should have not only good years, but sweet years – goodness which is palatable to us.

I wish you all שנים טובות ומתוקות – good, sweet years.

inspired by R’ Ari Heller and, l’havdil bein chayim l’meitim, R’ Kook

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  1. i heard from the mashgiach of Kerem B’Yavneh, Rav Avraham Rivlin, that this is also the underlying idea of “gomel chasadim tovim” in the first paragraph of the shmoneh esrey. why are we asking for only chasadim tovim, and not just chasadim stam? he said because everything from G-d is a chesed, its just that we are unable to grasp it as such. so, we ask for chasadim tovim, chesed that is overtly “tov.”


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