The Craziest Week Ever for H2H

I just want to quickly share what Heart to Heart is planning for this coming week:
40 H2H Shabbat dinners, across 10 different campuses
and Chanukah candle-lighting stations in dorms and Chanukah caroling all across campus at: Penn, Maryland, NYU, Brandeis, and Columbia

Yea, this is gonna be nuts. As in amazing. As in, over 500 students celebrating Shabbat, many for the first time. And hundreds of students celebrating Chanukah in an intimate (a la “ner ish u’veito”), personal, meaningful, fun, memorable, and magical way.

I’ll keep you all posted how it all goes… Be’ezrat Hashem this will be an amazing way to end the semester, as our breadth and depth continues to soar!

Much love! and much hope for a Chanukah full of pirsum ha’nes!

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