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Parshat Shoftim and Communal Responsibility

I want to share with you a dvar torah on the parsha which I think is very relevant. Last year I shared it with the Orthodox Community at Penn the first weekend of school and I found it very instrumental in spreading these ideas, raising these discussions, and promoting this type of activity around the […]

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The First Meal

Ah, the first meal. I remember it like yesterday… in the first meeting, we had decided upon making a Shabbat meal as a means to share a meaningful Jewish experience with friends who were never privy to its beauty. I asked if anyone had people in mind to invite and one girl blurted out that […]

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The Very First Thing, and How it All Began

Let me tell you how it all started at Penn. It was back when I was a sophomore, before there was any such thing as ‘Heart to Heart’ (nor ‘Chazan Ish’). Chanukah was approaching, as were finals, and all the studying was starting to make me antsy. So my roommates and I, looking for some […]

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