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Kentucky, part 4 – Forgotten Parts

First off, I can’t believe I forgot to include this (oh right, other then the fact that it’s incredibly embarrassing): When thinking of ways to spread the word and get people to come, and having the illustrious TSR with us, we figured what better technique to utilize than a funny video introducing us!…in a way […]

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The Secret

Often, and especially in my recent travels, I am asked the question “What is your secret?” People want to know what secret program I run, or what magical dvar Torah I give, or what the trick is to “making people religious”. And some people tell me they think they have the answer – have a […]

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Kentucky, part 3 – the Heart of the Matter

Now for the story of that memorable Shabbat in Lexington, Kentucky. Leaving Dickinson at midnight and behind schedule, we had to make a difficult decision. Calculating the remaining hours of driving and the time before Shabbat, we figured out that we either had time for Keeneland or a good night’s sleep, but not both. On […]

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