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The Rest of the Speaking Tour

For those of you who might’ve feared for the future of Am Yisrael upon hearing that last story, fear not – the rest of the speaking tour was much more inspirational and uplifting. All in all I spoke to students at 17 yeshivot and midrashot/seminaries (with double shifts and make-ups, I think I spoke around […]

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Avraham vs. Noach

I am forced to write this due to a shocking experience I went through recently. In the midst of my speaking tour of yeshivot and seminaries/midrashot in Israel, I spoke at one school where the format was more of a panel discussion. The rabbi leading the session started off saying that although normally they bash, […]

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Kentucky, part 2 + Dickinson

Once we had our plans and some contacts, we starting actually preparing to go – renting a van, getting food (how does one get a Shabbat’s worth of kosher food in Lexington, KY?), where to sleep, etc. The Hillel adviser told us that the drive would be too long to do all on Friday (assuming […]

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