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A Shabbat Meal to Remember

Here’s a story from a Shabbat meal a few months ago. My roommates and I decided we were gonna make a meal – a “Heart to Heart” meal. So we each thought of some people we could invite and set out to invite them. There was this one girl who I had run into once […]

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Oh man – this is a crazy story. Where to start… Well, it started with Amitai, a grad student in physics (he’s really smart) winning some essay contest in Jewish thought sponsored by the Jewish studies department of University of Kentucky. The prize included them bringing him in to give a lecture and receive his […]

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"ימין ושמאל תפרוצי" – Spreading out Left and Right

This last post (about the article in Hamodia) reminded me about something I had wanted to write about. In the past few months, I’ve been speaking to a lot of people at a lot of different Jewish organizations about my ideas and plans. It might just be my charm and good looks, but almost everyone […]

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