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Four for four, and some more…

Okay, so it’s still not a contest, but I did give a kippah to some guy today who asked me for one. But wait ’til you hear the rest of this story… I was on my way out of Hillel after some post-Shabbat singing when I saw this man walking in my direction. This man […]

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Why Can't There Be More People Like Him

Wow. There are some times in life when you meet people who help you understand why we were given life. A few weeks ago I was privileged to spend Shabbat with Rabbi Moshe Lefkowitz, director of an organization called Afikim. You should all go their website to find out more, but in short, it is […]

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Three for three!

It isn’t exactly a goal. Nor is it a game. Nor a statistic. It’s really just something I was thinking about when emptying my pockets after Shabbat. For the past three Shabbatot, I made sure to put a couple of kippahs in my pocket before the beginning of Shabbat – you know, just in case. […]

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