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H2H and Israel

While at Penn, I was also in charge of a pro-Israel student activism group – we were grassroots, outside of the establishment, connecting people and spreading some truth. While similar in some ways to H2H, it wasn’t connected – although there were some instances where they seemed very much intertwined… Amidst all the campus brouhaha […]

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The Smell of Inspiration

I was waiting for the subway coming down from Columbia down to my house. I had just finished some rockin’ meetings, people were really excited about H2H and inspired how we were gonna transform the Jewish community, and change the world! When the subway arrived, I followed some people onto the car, absorbed in some […]

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The Organizational and Personal Sides of H2H

Firstly I must apologize – a lot’s been going on and I’ve fallen behind on sharing it. I’ll try and commit to being better at it, it’s not that I don’t want to include you all in what’s happening, sometimes I just get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. One question that’s been […]

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