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Longing for the Beit Hamikdash

Two year ago from this Shabbat, I helped Drexel AEPi run a Bar Mitzvah. I’ll have to tell that story another time, it’s too good – and long. But in preparing for it, I was helping some of the brothers learn to read Hebrew and lain. I was teaching them one of the pesukim in […]

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Pesach@Penn 2010 – part 1

Pesach. Ahh, where to start…   After last year’s grand successes, we figured we’d do it again but on a larger scale, maybe even try some advertising. First we got a website, and then came the video 🙂 (huge thanks to Kiderboy, Jordan, Treiger, and everyone else who made it happen) We even made it […]

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"What Hurts the Most, Is Being So Close"

When Barack Obama was running for President, one of the things America found most mesmerizing and admirable in his campaign was how the youth got involved and how they really cared. They went out, near and far, knocking on Americans’ doors, speaking to pedestrians, inviting them neighbors to rallies, asking them to sign up to […]

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