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Followup is rarely considered at the start - but definitely don't let the meal/seder/event be the be-all-end-all Followup in person is the best way to do things - it shows thoughtfulness and genuineness. Facebook, email, etc is great (and convenient!), but it is much more effective to call/talk to people in person and say "Hey, I'm doing xyz and I think you'd be really interested because ______". The advent of fb and technology does not make this obsolete; in fact it makes personal contact even more valuable!

General tips:

  • You might be able to sense from the experience if people seemed interested and wanted to come back or if some specific Jewish thing piqued their interest - and if so, follow up with them about that. But even if you don't sense it, they still might be interested, and even if they're not interested, you can still reach out to them.
    • For example, if medical ethics interested them, you can tell them about a related lecture Hillel is hosting; if Israel interested them, tell them about Birthright; if they were interested in Jewish food, you can invite them to cook with you, etc. Or start something new that fits their interest!
  • Let the friendship develop naturally - you probably have mutual friends and might find other non Jewish-related interests that sustain any friendship, so let those take over
  • Just say 'hi' to them when you see them around! Friendships and relationships are the most important thing here!
  • Don't underestimate the value in bringing them to a communal event - Shabbat dinner at Hillel or Chabad, where you can introduce them to others and they can start finding their own way in the Jewish community.
  • Everyone might not be interested in the same thing, nor in becoming religious, so you'll have to take it slow and person-by-person.

Right away, after a meal/experience you shared with them, you should:

  • Send a text/DM saying thank you for coming/nice to see you
    • Don't making it seem like a template or forced/artificial
    • If it was a group experience, perhaps CC everyone
    • Make reference to the conversation! (include Youtube links if applicable)
  • Friend them on Facebook / follow them on instagram / snapchat
    • You can then periodically follow up on Facebook - birthday, event invites, etc.

A few weeks later, you can:

  • Invite them to another H2H meal
  • Invite them to Hillel/Chabad/Kosher Caf
  • Invite them to a Tisch / Holiday program
  • Invite them to a learning program (very case specific)